Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

  1. Be a friend. Friends do not offend, but treat each other with respect.

  2. Be Mormon. Mormons should be friendly, tolerant, helpful and respectful to those around them, to society and to the Church/prophet.

  3. Do not use rude language, do not make racist, sexist, atheistic etc statements and do not post illegal material (copyrighted stuff, etc)

  4. Do not make any false statements, neither use this platform to insult people, companies or whatever else. Stick to the truth in whatever you say, also regarding your age on your profile ;-)

  5. When posting pictures (and please do so often) – make sure, your mother, your little sister and your bishop could see them without blushing.

  6. Please do not discuss Church matters here - this is not the right place.
    We are aware, the temptation to do so is quite high - but these discussions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings .. and offer a starting point for people, who just want to create unrest and problems.

  7. Do NEVER disclose any personal information about yourself, where you live, your credit card details etc. This is especially the case, if you are underage and/or live in a region where you are discriminated as a member of the Church. You want to meet somebody you found on 101Saints.com? When meeting, meet in the Church on Sunday for the first few times.

  8. Do not spam, send business emails or advertisement for other sites. If you want to promote a site, get in contact with us. If your site is “suitable” we`ll quite sure find a way to partner up.

  9. Help when you can, where you can, whom you can on this site. This can also “only” be a friendly word, an advice or just listening.
    When you are contacted in a respectful and friendly way, answer - even if it is just a short a friendly one-liner.

  10. Anybody bothering you? Report this member, for other people not to make the same experience.

If somebody breaks the rules mentioned above, he or she has to be reported. This is in no way denunciation, but help to keep the community clean.
By the way – all reportings of infractions go directly to the admin. Nobody will know who reported somebody, except the admins, so you do not have to be afraid to be the “bad boy”. We will take care of it. ;-)

One last issue:
Please be aware: This site is a community website made for Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints; however 101Saints.com is not affiliated with the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, commonly called the Mormon Church, as you probably know). Everything, what is posted here, is the personal oppinion of the particular author. Any posting here is not to be seen as the teachings, oppinions or statements by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, their representatives or its affiliates.

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