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Where  the Saints meet…

What is  101Saints.com?
101Saints.com is the new & free website, where Mormons can meet new and old friends. Here you can find memberpages, create your own  profile,  can use the chat, photo album, instant messaging, blogs, guestbooks, virtual flowers and much, much more! Only for Mormons, made by Mormons.

Is the page for youngsters only? 
101Saints.com is for all Mormons (after they reached the minimum age), though we guess, there will be a lot of Young, Single Adults 

What are the requirements to join?
Everybody, who wants to register at 101Saints.com, must be  a member of the Church. Regarding the code of behaviour on the website, we want to refer to  "For the Strength of Youth" by the First Presidency.

Will you make sure, that there only are Mormons on the site?
We will work very hard on this: In the first step the registered members' data will be checked for obvious errors. Later, in a second step, each member can choose to verify him-/herself as a member of the Church by sending his membership record number or a copy of his certificate of baptism (or another “official” document like a short, formless note by the bishop) etc. As soon as this step is completed, the member status will be changed to „verified”.
In addition to this verification process, each member has the opportunity to report any member who behaves improperly or dishonorable by simply clicking on a link, which will trigger a check by us. If justified, this will result in immediately banning the reported user.   

Are you affiliated with the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ?
No, we are not. Though we are both members and this website is intended for Mormons only, neither the Church nor the parish takes over any legal liability for any issues regarding 101Saints.com. 
This page is a private website, and does not intend to teach any official gospel or represent the Church, neither legally nor officially nor in terms of questions of faith or else. This is the Church`s and the prophet`s job, not ours ;-)

I have no digital camera – can you scan my photo?
Sure, no problem – just send the picture to our contact address, which you can find at www. 101Saints.com/scan. However, please write your name and username on the back of it. 

Is my data safe?
Data protection has highest priority – we will never sell your data for advertisement without your consent. Additionally, you can choose, how much you want to disclose.

Who are you?
Three brothers (two of them by blood & all three are brothers of faith), having a lot of fun, some technical knowledge and... the rest you`ll find on our profiles  ;- )

Can I help?
This would be great – we really appreciate support in whatever way! Everybody who wants to bring in good ideas, critics or work in whatever form is cordially invited to contact us athelper@101Saints.com .  It would be great if you could help to make the website more known to the members of the church and/or publish events on 101Saints.com.

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